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Friday, 9 March 2018

Warri Based OAP, Oghenero Genza Exits Unhurt After A Tanker Pounded His Car


As indicated by him, the mischap occurred before NNPC filling station, just before Agbarho and he turned out unhurt alongside a friend

Warri based OAP Oghenero Genza, beyond any doubt has an extraordinary testimony to tell in the wake of exiting unhurt after a mischap he had. 


As indicated by him, the mischance occurred before NNPC filling station, just before Agbarho and he turned out unhurt nearby a companion. 

This is what the Warri based OAP composed; 

''we were two inside the car. The fuel tanker loaded with petrol climbed over our car and totally destroyed it. But the two of us miraculously came out totally unhurt. yes, i said totally unhurt. It was this morning at the front of NNPC filling station, just before Agbarho. The glory is to God almighty.''

Barely any months back likewise an On-Air Personality, Matilda Duncan, barely escaped death after an authority of the Federal Road Safety Commission caused a mischance that influenced her auto to somersault a few times. 

The FRSC official was said to have absconded from the scene of the mishap. 

Portraying the episode in an Instagram post, the OAP's sibling, Mofe Duncan, asserted that a FRSC rider ceased Maltida, Thursday, October 19, 2017, on her way from the bank around financial district Abuja, for holding her telephone. 

He said Maltida ceased at his demand and inquired as to why she was being halted. The FRSC rider said she was holding her telephone and when Maltida inquired as to whether it was a wrongdoing to hold her telephone without utilizing it, he stated, “No but you were holding it.”. 

He expressed, “Yesterday around 1:30pm, my sister was involved in a road accident caused by FRSC unit. As she left the bank around financial district Abuja, she was flagged down by an FRSC rider, she stopped and asked why she was being stopped, he replied “You were holding ur phone in your hand.

“She replied “For real, please I am late for work, since when as it been a crime to hold your phone? Was I using the phone?”. He replied, “No but you were holding it.”

Duncan said his sister explored far from the rider to proceed with her trip however he obstructed her way and started to hit her window, driving her to stop. 

Maltida declined to stop her auto demanding that the rider ought to take after her to the workplace to deal with things. The FRSC rider cannot, betrayed her at a twist and connected his brakes. Matilda swerved to stay away from him, hit the check and her auto somersaulted.

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