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Thursday, 1 March 2018

‘Most of the new generation record labels are founded by Yahoo boys’ -D’banj

‘Most of the new generation record labels are founded by Yahoo boys’ -D’banj

D'banj who talked on the subject: "Changing the Game: Artistes are pioneers", additionally said that distinction won't not bring riches but rather thoroughly considering of the crate will.

Talking at the progressing online networking week, Nigeria's Superstar vocalist, D'banj, made a stunning disclosure at the occasion. 

As indicated by D'banj, the greater part of the new age record names are established by Yahoo young men, and it is just in Nigeria that the proprietor of a record name doesn't know anything about music. 

This is what he said; 

Most of the new generation record labels are founded by Yahoo boys. You must understand first, why are you coming into music. Nigerian artistes need a lot of capacity building. It is only in Nigeria that the owner of a record label doesn’t know anything about music.”

D'banj who talked on the point: “Changing the Game: Artistes are leaders”, additionally said that fame won't not bring riches but rather thoroughly thinking out of the box will.

“The fear of being poor made me to think out of the box to create wealth for myself and remain relevant. “Fame will not guarantee you money; fame will not give you wealth, but it can give you what you need if you channel it properly. “Channelling your fame properly to create wealth is another advantage that stands you out,” he said.

Review that last year, Nigerian hotshot rapper, M.I Abaga who showed up on Pulse's LooseTalk Podcast, talked about issues influencing the Nigerian music industry. As per him, "there's no bank in the historical backdrop of Nigeria that has given one Naira to any name. There's one corporate substance that has given any mark. It's young folks.' 

The meeting which kept running for more than two hours, addressed numerous parts of the music business. Sooner or later amid the discussion, financing in the Nigerian music business and shockingly, the rapper had great words to say in regards to web fraudsters, who he asserts have been filling the hole by financing artistes, without corporate backers and brands. 

In his words: 

“There’s no bank in the history of Nigeria that has given one Naira to any label. There’s one corporate entity that has given any label. It’s young guys.
In fact, you’re more likely to get money from a Yahoo boy. Shout-out to Yahoo boys. May God prosper your business.”

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