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Monday, 5 March 2018

Mentally ill Anglican Minister Sets Bank ATMs On Fire In Imo

An Anglican Church minister distinguished as Rev. Chukwunyere Ibezim of St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Ugiri, has set the two Automated Teller Machines introduced by Imo Microfinance Bank at Aba Branch, Imo State ablaze.

As indicated by Punchng, he likewise set his cruiser ablaze before he was overwhelmed by security men and bank clients. An observer, Kingsley Chukwu, uncovered that the episode occurred on Friday. He unveiled that the priest was beaten by an incensed group. 

"Rev. Chukwunyere Ibezim of St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Ugiri in Isiala Mbano LGA is chilling his foot sole areas in the police net for softening into the bank up open air with a gallon of fuel and setting the two introduced ATMs ablaze. 

On seeing that individuals would follow him, he astutely came up short on the bank, set his own cruiser ablaze in an offer to drive individuals off and took to his foot sole areas. A swarm followed him and relatively smashed him. . 

It took the intercession of policemen from the Ehime Mbano Divisional Headquarters to spare him from being lynched. The entirety of N100,000 was recouped from him. Another mallet was similarly recouped from him. He went ahead a fresh out of the plastic new bike which he later set on fire likewise," Chukwu described. . 

Affirming the illegal conflagration, the Commissioner of Police in the state, Chris Ezike, unveiled that the medicinal checks kept running on the minister by his charge uncovered that the suspect was a mental patient. He said the pastor had been taken to a mental home in Enugu State.

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reason while people have to be careful, most people are mentally drained

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