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Monday, 12 March 2018

It Appears To Be That Beverly Naya and Pastor Paul Adefarasin's Nephew Are Getting Hitched

 Nollywood actress Beverly Naya

It appears Nollywood actress Beverly Naya, has discovered love again and will stroll down the aisle soon with Adeolu Adefarasin, nephew of the House on The Rock Pastor Paul Adefarasin. 

The Valentine's day photographs of the couple which surfaced as of late, touched off bits of gossip about the pair being seeing someone perhaps considering marriage. Adeolu Adefarasin who is likewise a performing artist, is rapidly manufacturing his own way in Nollywood and has all the earmarks of being frantically infatuated with Beverly judging from the photographs. 
It Appears To Be That Beverly Naya and Pastor Paul Adefarasin's Nephew Are Getting Hitched
Beverly Naya and Pastor Paul Adefarasin's Nephew 

NET additionally detailed that the Valentine's day photographs, were behind-the-screen photographs on the arrangement of "The Eve," another motion picture they both featured in, which is likewise set to hit the silver screens March 29th. 

However review that in a 2017 meeting Beverly Naya without a doubt, while revealing the characteristics she wants in a man, said she isn't seeing someone that minute. 

“Definitely, I love a gentleman, a man who knows how to treat a woman and make her feel special. I love a man who honours her woman and treats her like a princess. He must value and respect everything about her.”

Like most other ladies, Beverly admitted she had been hurt in the past and it took a lot of time to recuperate and get back to that point where she valued herself, regardless of what happened.

I would not say I have been heartbroken in the real sense of it, but I have definitely been hurt in that past. I just took some time off to get back to that place where I can say I am okay, I am fine,” she said.

The British-conceived on-screen character additionally rejected the claim that big names put their profession in front of marriage, demanding that it is subjected to sentiment. 

“I won’t really say celebrities have high divorce cases because I take it as speculation since the story doesn’t go for everyone. Even though we have some divorced actors, it is not everyone who gets married that has issue. So, I cannot really answer that question” she said. 

She likewise said that she will never play a character that is simply naked or a character one can't generally clarify why she was naked subsequent to seeing the film. 

“I have never acted a sexual scene before. I can do challenging roles because that is why I am an actor. We challenge ourselves to become someone else. When we get on set, we are no longer who we are,” she noted.

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