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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Driver kicks the bucket in deadly mishap in the wake of giving up himself to spare travelers

Auto Crash
Auto Crash

A driver has been marked a legend after allegedly relinquishing his life keeping in mind the end goal to spare his travelers in Delta state 

As indicated by an online report, a driver has been named a saint after apparently giving up his life with a specific end goal to spare his travelers from a lethal mishap in Delta state. The driver who was passing on different travelers to Lagos slammed into a substantial obligation trailer along Lagos roadway which murdered him on the spot. 

As per reports, when the mishap needed to happen, the driver of Ejiro Onovughe Motors used his side to slam into the trailer deliberately keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from causalities from the travelers' side. The driver passed away quickly after the deadly crash. May his spirit rest in peace. 

At the season of this report, it has not be affirmed on the off chance that it was just the driver that lost his life in the mishap and the transport organization of the driver has not discharged any official explanation. 

Driver-dies-in-fatal-crash-after-sacrificing-himself-to-save-passengers 2

Likewise, a woman distinguished as Queen Ike is loaded with euphoria after she survived a lethal mishap on her approach to Kaduna for a congregation program. As indicated by her, the vehicle she boarded tumbled off a scaffold as the driver was attempting to stay away from a head-on-impact with an approaching trailer. 

The clearly energized woman took to Facebook on her birthday to impart the declaration to her friends. 

Read underneath; 

Read below;

Hmmmm………..Can’t believe I am actually saying Happy Birthday to me. I OWE GOD EVERYTHING. Apparently, the devil had planned to make me rest in peace before this day but how I got out of it, I can’t tell.

I have never been in a near death situation soo much as I did last Sunday, just 1 week before my birthday.

Guys, on my way to Kaduna with four other people for a church programme, we were all busy making corrections on the flyer that we had to share at the venue, next thing we heard was tires screeching and our car swerving from left to right. Infront of us was a trailer who had left his lane, swerved into ours and destabilized our driver who then tried to dodge a head on collision.

At that point, our car after many turns, leaped off the bridge and dropped from the top of that bridge down to the river…………..All the while, we were all screaming and MY GOD, that fall was like eternity cause we had no idea where or what we were falling into……..The scariest part was the impact, can’t even explain it……….but GUESS WHAT? Five of us all came out alive. Did I mention we had a generator filled with fuel in the boot of the car? I mean we fell from there, inside the river, see the height!!

The trailer driver even had to go report himself to the police thinking he had killed people, according to him, he didn’t see us coming. Even road safety, when they were informed said they were just coming to pack dead bodies, people who came down to help couldn’t believe we were all safe.

We were told that severally has accidents occurred at that same spot with cars falling into that particular river and for all the times, either the car or the people inside the car disappears, then some of the bodies will be found in far away river Niger or none of them will come out alive.

What happened was nothing short of a miracle, none of our bones were broken, just few stitches and bruises. How we survived, I don’t know. Honestly, there is soo much to say but I can only say THANK YOU JESUS.

To my totally awesome family, amazing friends and colleagues that God has blessed me with, I say may my God continue to enrich you the more. (And you see how this life works, just few days after this happened, I didn’t even tell anyone except few friends and family, but somehow, people I haven’t spoken with in a long time started reaching out to me just to know how I was doing, that touched me. I think we should always learn to work with our instincts, when your heart says, call this person or talk to that person, please do, cause you don’t know the battle the person is fighting at that point and how far your concern will go to help him/her, even without knowing it).

So on this day, I’ve never been more grateful, I AM ALIVE.

I love this woman I’ve become; I’ve seen God break protocols for her and bless her with favour and grace. Today I’ll always celebrate her and I want you all to join me and thank this God. HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY TO ME.

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