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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

16 Individuals Slaughtered In Fesh Herdsmen Conflict In Benue state


Sixteen people including, a herder were on Monday killed in a new conflict at Omutu people group in Okpokwu neighborhood government zone of Benue state 

Sixteen people including,  a herdsman were on Monday killed in a new conflict at Omutu people group in Okpokwu neighborhood government zone of Benue state. The killing is coming scarcely 24 hours after two people were killed by herders in Humeger, Guma neighborhood government zone of the state. 

As per an announcement by the Benue State Police Command representative, ASP, Moses Yamu, the casualties were for the most part ladies and youngsters. 

Yamu in an announcement made accessible to reporters on Tuesday morning said that the assault was a retaliation after a few young people in the group went crazy, assaulted Fulani herdsmen and 'damaged' a few dairy animals. 

“We received information from the security adviser of Okpokwu local government that some irate youths from Omutu engaged some herdsmen in a fight, maiming some cows while two herdsmen were missing.

“A peace meeting was immediately convened by the Council Chairman and the head of Fulani community in the area while a police search party went in search of the two missing herdsmen, one of whom was found dead.”

“Unfortunately, as the search and peace meeting were on going, some herdsmen went on a rampage, hacking 15 persons – mostly wo
The Police spokesman said four suspects had been arrested in connection with the killings, adding that ‘extensive’ patrol of the community was ongoing and to be reinforced by special forces.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday said that the number of persons killed in herdsmen and farmers clashes and other violent attacks in Mambilla Plateau, Sardauna Local Government Area of Taraba State, is more than those killed in Zamfara and Benue states combined.

Speaking in Jalingo on Monday, during a meeting between the Fulani and Mambilla ethnic groups, Mr. Buhari said,

”he has a way of gathering his own information on all the crises and killings in the country.”


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