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Monday, 26 February 2018

Usain Bolt Signs For Football Group

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt, the 100-meter world record holder, says he has consented to sign for a football club. 

Jolt, 31, resigned from games the previous summer after a sparkling profession in which he won eight Olympic gold decorations. 

He has constantly discussed his want to play football once his dashing profession wasover, and on Sunday he tweeted to state "I've marked for a football group! Discover which one this Tuesday at 8am GMT." 

Jolt is a deep rooted Manchester United fan, and was due. 

He is to have a trial with Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund one month from now. He likewise prepared with South African side Mamelodi Sundowns a month ago. 

"It's something that I need to do," Bolt told the Daily Express in January. "In March we will do trials with Dortmund and that will figure out what I do with that vocation, which way it goes. 

"On the off chance that they say I'm great, and that I require a touch of preparing, I'll do it. 

"It makes me anxious. I don't get anxious however this is extraordinary, this is football now. It'll set aside opportunity to alter however once I play a couple of times I'll get accustomed to it. It was a similar when I began olympic style events. 

" I was anxious for some time until the point that I began getting used to the group, individuals and everybody around and it becomes all-good, 

"One of my greatest dreams is to sign for Manchester United. In the event that Dortmund say I'm adequate, I'll break on and prepare hard. 

"I've addressed Alex Ferguson and I disclosed to him he needs to put in a decent word. He let me know whether I prepare fit and; he will perceive what he can do." 

Source: ESPN

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