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Monday, 26 February 2018

‘Nigerian military caused the kidnap of 110 girls in Dapchi’ – Governor Ibrahim Gaidem

Governor Ibrahim Gaidem/Nigerian military
Governor Ibrahim Gaidem/Nigerian military

Senator Ibrahim Gaidem said the Nigerian military pulled back troops from Dapchi before the assault.

Following the viral report of the kidnapping of 110 young ladies from Government Girls Technical College, Dapchi, Yobe State by Boko Haram, the Governor of Yobe State, Ibrahim Gaidem, who before now dispersed gossip of the Nigerian military liberating the snatched young ladies, while getting Borno state representative, Kashim Sheittima, who paid him a sensitivity visit throughout the end of the week, faulted the assault for the Nigeria military.
Senator Ibrahim Gaidem who described how Boko Haram individuals assaulted the Buni Yadi school for young men in 2014, slaughtering 29 understudies after troops were pulled back, said same occurrence played out after the Nigerian military pulled back troops from Dapchi before the assault. He additionally said if the warriors had been on ground, the assault and ensuing kidnapping of schoolgirls would not have been conceivable. 

“I blame the whole attack on Dapchi on the military and the defence headquarters who withdrew troops from Dapchi. The attack occurred barely a week after the military withdrew the soldiers from there.

Before then, Dapchi has been peaceful, there was never such incident. But just a week after they withdrew the troops, Boko Haram came to attack the town. Let me be quoted anywhere, the military must take blame for the attack on Dapchi.

The same thing happened in 2014 when the military suddenly removed troops guarding the town and a week later Boko Haram went there to attack the town and the secondary school there killing 29 students” he said.

The Yobe State Government additionally revealed that it has burned through N15.8 billion over the most recent three years on battling the Boko Haram revolt. The majority of the use are in type of help for the military, the state said. 

Senator Shettima who was in Damaturu for the Northern Governors' Forum which he heads, communicated his sensitivity to the administration and individuals of Yobe State over the “unfortunate incident”.

“On behalf of the 19 Northern Governors’ forum, we have come to show our sympathy and let you know that we are with you in this traumatic period,” he said.

He likewise approached the security offices to guarantee the snatched young ladies are safeguarded on time.

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