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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Nigerian foreigner sacks 40 yrs in prison for executing his life partner in the U.S

nigerian immigrant

A Fort Bend County jury has sentenced a 59-year-old Nigerian man of lethally cutting his ex in 2015. 
Osa Alohaneke, 59, was condemned to 40 years in jail. Alohaneke was accused of wounding and slaughtering Evelyne Epiepang in her Houston home in 2015. 

Amanda Bolin, Fort Bend County's Chief Family Violence Prosecutor, said Evelyne Epiepang called the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office on April 8, 2015 around 5 p.m. to report that her ex, Osa Alohaneke, had been undermining to execute her and she needed him out of her home. 

Alohaneke left, however sheriff's delegates took a report from Evelyne before she cleared out to remain with her companion, Veronica. Around 7 p.m., Evelyne discovered that Alohaneke had come back to her home and was slamming into the front entryway. 

Evelyne again called the sheriff's office for their help. Before agents arrived, Evelyne and Veronica backpedaled to Evelyne's home since they thought the respondent had cleared out. 

As Evelyne and Veronica entered the front entryway of the home, Alohaneke showed up behind them, came inside, and bolted the front entryway. A contention resulted and the respondent pulled a blade from under his shirt. 

Alohaneke first assaulted Veronica, cutting her face and wounding her so hard on the arm that it broke a bone. The respondent at that point turned his concentration to Evelyne and wounded her more than 30 times. 

Eventually, Evelyne figured out how to again call 911. That call recorded her shouts and supplications as she passed on. In the wake of executing Evelyne, Alohaneke advised Veronica to simply ahead and call the sheriff since he had "finished his central goal." 

Delegates arrived and found the respondent in the front yard with his hands canvassed in blood and on the telephone with his lawyer. 

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