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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Man Beats Spouse To Death, Dumps Her Body Inside The Lagos Lagoon


The lifeless body of a woman has been found underneath a structure she built by herself and her husband on the waters in Oke Eri street, Oworonshoki, Lagos

As indicated by one Olarevolution, deceased and her husband were continually having battles. Eleven days back, they had another battle which brought about the spouse getting her captured. 

She was kept at a police headquarters in Oworonshoki and was discharged the following day. On arriving home, they had another battle and the spouse supposedly battered her till she go out. 

Seeing she was dead, he shaved every one of her hairs and dumped her body in the waters. Neighbors who were made a big deal about her whereabout asked from the spouse who rushed to preclude having information from claiming where she had gone. 

In any case, her dead body was later found under the structure, by a neighbor who cautioned the general population in the area. The spouse was quickly secured and given over to the police.

Due to the graphic nature of the incidence, we could not show the photo of the victim.

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