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Thursday, 8 February 2018

Lost My Mum And Am Not Coping


My name is Favour Born in a family of five.
Death just turned me into an orphan and made me become part of a club I never wanted to be if I have my ways, Adult orphan!

I lost my Dad 30 December 2015 to stomach tumor.
20 of January 2018 I lost my dearest mum. I am so confused, lost and feel like not wanting to live anymore. I know it is early days.... and people say that time heals all wounds.
I never get over the first one before the next one hits and this one hit me hard. My mum was my best friend. My husband says that I should keep living for the sake of him and our 2 kids. However I see no good in this world.

I am actually fed up with the sayings she is in a better place now.
Seriously all I can think about is how much I have been robbed in this life... how much has been taken away. Future plans with Mum and everything.
My immediate elder brother fell ill since 2003 and my dad in the bid to get him healed died without achieving it.  My mum told me the story surrounding my birth and it was heartbroken. I was birth 10 years after my immediate elder brother. 2013 I lost my caring aunty Evelyn. 2014 the year I got married, I lost my favorite cousin Edith. Then this sudden dismiss of my mum.
I know that people say there is stages of grief all very well. However I really do feel as if I failed Mum, I tried so hard to save her and the Doctors did not give two hoots. They diagnose her of low BP and then cardiac arrest but I didn't think they real cared.
Although she was given some drip with medications, she seemed to be going good but before the next day my only mother gave up the ghost.

I am so angry she walked into the hospital but never come back home alive.
It all happened so fast and I have lost my Mum. I have no will to even get up in the morning, Purpose has been taken away and the world has been so cruel. This is too much for me to bear.
Her funeral arrangement will be coming up 15/16 of March 2018.

Right now we are seeking for help to be able to cover the funeral expenses and this cause me more pains due to lack.
Did you know that the average cost of a funeral in the US is around $10,000 – with similar costs reported in the UK, Canada other places

If you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one and are faced with organising their funeral, the cost may be something you are not able to finance alone. 

Am appealing to the general public to feel free to send us your regards either through our email: citizens830@gmail.com

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