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Sunday, 18 February 2018

CCTV Film Helps Criminal Couple's Capture In Oshodi


One of the three versatile CCTV camera obtained by the Lagos State Government for RRS has helped the police in capturing two presumed telephone hoodlums and two fraudsters in Oshodi. 

The four suspects were gotten on the recording of the portable CCTV camera positioned in Oshodi. The suspects, Jelili Ganiu (19), Samson Owolabi (23), Segun Lawoye (47) an ex convict and Toyin Samuel (38) were captured on Thursday and Friday. 

Jelili and Owolabi were gotten on film taking a cell phone from a bystander on Oshodi walker extension and offering it to another presume at present everywhere, before coming back to a similar area. 

Jelili uncovered that the third suspect, OMo Nla, is the person who offers the telephones. 

Alternate suspects, Segun Latoye and Toyin Samuel were captured in the wake of being gotten on camera three times in Oshodi, deceitfully confiscating passers-by of their things. 

On their last film, the suspects, who claim to be a couple, seized a young woman of her sack containing two cell phones and cash.

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