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Monday, 26 February 2018

2019 Election: President Buhari is as yet counseling broadly on re-race offer - Senator Kurfi clarifies

2019 Election: President Buhari is still consulting widely on re-election bid - Senator Kurfi explains
2019 Election

Congressperson Umaru Ibrahim Kurfi speaking to Katsina Central has clarified why President Muhammadu Buhari is offering for more opportunity to choose his re-decision offer, saying the president is counseling broadly right now. 

Kurfi who is the bad habit executive of the Senate board on Finance likewise said dominant part of the Senators are completely behind Buhari to actualise his second term offer. 

President Buhari had on Thursday night had met state governors under the stage of the All Progressives Congress (APC) who encouraged him to announce his aim to challenge in 2019 

Talking in Abuja at the end service of a one week administration preparing program composed by the National Committee of Buhari Support Groups (NCBSG) for its facilitators across the country, Senator Kurfi noticed that the president's reaction to the governors' request was a savvy one, as he is as yet influencing more extensive counsel on his second term to offer. 

He stated, "for Buhari to say governors should give him more time as regards 2019, for me, it is a wise decision. He cannot take the decision without consultation. He has to have some people who will advise him. I know Buhari is doing a very wider consultation and I am positive Buhari by God’s grace he will declare his intention for his re-election in 2019".

On the position of his associates on the president's reelection offered, Senator Kurfi stated, "All Senators are with Buhari. I do not know of anyone who is on the other side. In the senate we are the majority. They are all helping Buhari to come back in 2019. If Buhari does not come back or gets re-elected then we are going to lose".  He additionally said past pioneers in the nation who are against Buhari's second term are being desirous of the president since his execution inside three years in office has surpassed theirs. 

In his words: "those who are saying that he (Buhari)  should not contest in 2019 are envious of him. These people are all former Heads of States. They did not perform during their tenure; they are envious of him. I do not blame them if it were you, you will do the same. They are not happy because he is performing. During their time there was a lot of corruption. As far as I am concerned President Buhari has performed excellently and there is no past president that has performed like him. For example there was a time that people cannot go to the mosque or church due to the fear of Boko Haram but now he has eliminated Boko Haram. The corruption which we inherited is no more.  Buhari is a performer".

On the workshop sorted out by the NCBSG, Kurfi stated, "I am overwhelmed by this training. This shows that this government is doing very well. For a person to have this kind of followers it means Buhari is doing very well. With this kind of crowd it means President Buhari is performing. I am assuring you that 2019 will be a better year than 2015. We are all proud of President Muhammadu Buahri. Since inception of this administration he has not failed. He has defeated Boko Haram. He is tackling corruption without fear or favour. When the head is clean certainly the bottom will be clean. We will follow this leader and by the grace of God in 2019, there is nobody else than Muhammadu Buhari. We want everybody to be carried along in the scheme of things. I am sure this crowd will do a good job for Buhari in 2019. Everybody should come out and vote during the forthcoming general election in 2019". 

High purpose of the week-long workshop was the introduction of declarations to members at the occasion. While exhibiting the declarations to them, Senator Kurfi stated,  "This certificate is good and will guide you through 2019 and beyond"

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