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Friday, 12 January 2018

Nollywood Actress, Kehinde Bankole Reportedly Welcomes A Baby In The UK

Kehinde Bankole
Kehinde Bankole 

It appears that actress Kehinde Bankole has welcomed a baby in the UK. The actress who has been off the social scene for sometime now, reportedly put to bed two days ago.

Although details concerning the good news is still sketchy but blogger SDK reports it thus: “An actress gave birth 2 days ago in London. She hid her pregnancy well because she is not married to her baby daddy and is kinda his side chick without knowing it. Her baby daddy whilst dating her also impregnated another lady last year and hid that info from her.

The actress’ baby is a replica of its daddy who allegedly has no job or UK residency ( as an over stayer that he is nauuuu) His plans of getting his status uplighted was tight until he met the actress and fell in love.. According to the gist,baby daddy impregnated a lady so he could get papers as they now do. However, the lady found out about the actress’ pregnancy and refused to give him papers by doing the unthinkable…She claimed somebody else as the baby’s father and they are in court now because baby daddy is trying to force main chick to do DNA so that he can claim his child…..and papers!!

According to the actress’ online info,she is described as model and television host. She made her entertainment debut in the 2003 Miss Common’money’ Nigeria beauty contest, then proceeded to the 2004 Most Beautiful babe in Nigeria pageant.

The actress is so beautiful that you can take her beauty to the ‘ Bank’ and you can be sure that no one will refer to you as an Ole if you attempt to steal her heart in the process… If she smiles, River Niger parts and the centre is all you see…Oh she is so beautiful !!

The first name of the actress is one of the names that those from Western Nigerian name babies born same day from same woman.

Source: SDK

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