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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

‘Cigarette Was My Companion’ – Nigerian model pens inspiring piece to celebrate one year of quitting smoking

Ishioma Onyebo
Ishioma Onyebo

A Nigerian model, Ishioma Onyebo has written an inspirational piece about her addiction to cigarette and Nicotine, the battle involved in quitting and how she was finally able to quit smoking over one year ago.

According to her, she once missed her flight to Capetown, not because she was late, but because she was in the smoking area chatting with a smoke buddy, and not listening to the announcement.

Ishioma stated that she wrote the lengthy piece to inspire someone out there to quit whatever addiction that is stopping the person from living the best life.
Read her piece below…

“It has been one year and one week since I quit smoking. One of the best decisions I made in 2017. Just like yesterday I Remember my doctor telling me, young lady you are under weight. I was 53kg. Battling with low blood pressure. Smoking felt so good. Nicotine addiction was on 100. The first thing I do when I wake up was to smoke, or I won’t function properly.
I have always been a lil shy and kept to myself( not arrogant) like loads of people thought. Story for another day. My wake up call was my doctor begging me to be more thoughtful about my health, in my mind I was insulting the man, saying is it you health or your skinny.
I love food, and cooking, but guess what my appetite was gone as a result of smoking. I will keep to myself as long as I had my favorite menthol cigarette,every other thing can wait, my favorite spot was my bathroom at home . That was my smoking area, once missed my flight to Capetown, not because I was late, but I was in the smoking area chatting with a smoke buddy, and not listening to the announcement. Cigarette was my companion, and there were some useless so called friends then, who will just judge you cos you smoked. Main while that was my only addiction. Imagine the type of shit these pretentious self hating lots indulge in.
I stopped smoking at my own time. It’s been on hell of a struggle, oh and the withdrawal syndrome and the mood swings. I will just pick a fight with my man for no reason accuse him of despicable things. Well most of the time I was right. I will cry and wonder around my bathroom asking myself so you won’t smoke, I channeled my energy into writing and less procrastination, I embarked on the things that made me more happy. Giving back to my society, traveling more, cooking whenever I find the time to.
Met an Amazing French foodie on one of my many trips last year, and we spent 3 months looking for the best food in town, driving to crazy places just to try out food. My appetite was back. I was eating drinking and just staying happy. And 3 months after I gained a healthy 10kg. I am happy with my new body, my skin is glowing, chemical free no bleaching cream, just coconut oil and loads of water.
I hope my lengthy write up inspires someone out there to quit whatever addiction that is stopping you from living your best life. I am not going to be like those useless people who judged me cos of nicotine o, I no kill person oh!!! I am not here to judge but encourage. You have power over any form of addiction.”

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