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Saturday, 9 December 2017

Nigerian Celebrities React To A Prayer Point Made By RCCG On Twitter

 Prayer Point Made By RCCG On Twitter
 Prayer Point Made By RCCG On Twitter

A tweet was sent in by the Redeemed Christian Church of God’s Twitter account and its content has left Nigerians including celebrities, awed with the ruthlessness of it.

The tweet, which apparently is a prayer point was directed at the enemies of anyone who is to use the prayer point – cursing them to not see the new year if they were going to be an obstacle to one’s blessing.

There’s been an outcry over this and even celebrities (including the famous Daddy Freeze, who has been known for attacking the church over tithing) are wondering why Christians should be as mean as this even when Christ, their example, specifically stated that they pray for their enemies. But this so called celebrities forgot to read and digest the tweet 'cos the tweet specifically pin point 'If they refuse to repent' which means even after praying for them and they are bent on blocking your way then let them not see the new year. That part didn't sink into their skull.

See the reactions below:

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