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Friday, 22 December 2017

Man Whose Wife Gave Birth Prematurely After Refusing To Terminate The Pregnancy, Says God Is Real

Mother and Baby
Mother and Baby

An Instagram User has taken to the platform to share photos of his son who was born prematurely.  He revealed doctors advised them to terminate the pregnancy when he was still in the womb, but then they didn’t.

He was born 3 months early.. years later, he looks beyond healthy, and he’s now thanking God for rewarding him for holding on to his faith.

He wrote on His Page;

“The Moment You Think Its Not A God, DON’T Because It Is And He’s Real, My Son Was Born 3 Plus Months Early, He Was Not Suppose To Make It, He Was Not Suppose To Be Here, The DOCTORS Advise Us To Terminate The Pregnancy, But Of Course We Didn’t Because We Walked In Faith, Now Four Years Later I Have An Angel, God Is Real And He Showed Me, Having And Keeping Faith Is Real, He Showed Me That Too”

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