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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Man Marks One Year Of Being Brutalized By A Drunk Nigerian Police Officer

police brutality
police brutality

A facebook user identified as Ataifiok Udoma marks one year of being brutalized by a drunk Nigerian police officer, the survival shared his story on his facebook page. Read what he wrote below:

December 21st 2016, remains memorable to me, many who saw me on that day had given up hope on me, they all thought my end had come.
Mr Francis Haruna a mobile police officer attached to first bank of Nigeria Abak road branch tried his gun hitting skills on my head and broke the fine tiny head, thereby sending me to the land of pains and briefly to the land of attempted death.
Special thanks to friends who carried me around hospitals, Benjamin AsuquoStephen AkpanJones Inyang and to my family who abandoned all things and stood by me all through my days on hospital bed and after, special thanks to the numerous friends who visited me and made me feel love and important while in hospital, thanks to Ifreke Nseowo-Connoisseur, Nairaland, Fredrick Usen and others who lend me their voice on media when I had no voice, I appreciate my leaders, Ubon Marcus, Effiok Nkanta et al
special thanks to all those who threw blames on me on Facebook even without knowing what happened
Some members of the Nigerian police force tried to cover up their colleague but thanks to those honest police officers who had refused to be biased and sentimental, my case was a clear case of attempted murder by an officer under the influence of alcohol, the court shall make her verdict in due time
After the neuro surgery, I survived, amidst all odds, I couldn't walk, I couldn't see, I had pains living with me, in my spinal cord but even before today December 21st 2017 being exactly one year after, God had change my story,
I got the priviledge of being refined by jide taiwo and co Estate surveyors and valuers they had polished and develop my real Estate skills,
i went for NYSC Orientation, stayed in camp and participated in all her trainings, stood under the hot sun and early morning harsh cold, of Niger state and I did not collapsed,
That guy that didn't participate in last years chrismas and new year celebration is inviting you all to join him in thanking God come this Sunday 24th DEC 2017 @RCCG my Father's house parish osongama by 10am,
It would have been my memorial service but God change things
Trust me when I say God loves me more.

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