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Monday, 25 December 2017

Man Boasts About His Brother’s New White Wife And Tells His Village People “You Are Free To Die Now”

Royal Prince Precious Victor
Royal Prince Precious Victor

A Nigerian man has written a joyful post of victory on social networking site, Facebook.

On the post he called out his village people and said they can see that it is time for his family to smile and added that they were free to die now.

The man, by the name ; Royal Prince Precious Victor was writing the post after he met his elder brother’s wife to be (she’s white), checkout what he wrote below + photos

Had a lovely experience with our wife in just few days, Big Ben my big bro wife Benfrank onwugbara, seriously my village people can see it’s our time to smile so you are free to die now. cos it our time to smile again and for ever it has started and 2018 it gonna be massive the world will hear of the onwugbara family.

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