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Saturday, 9 December 2017

White Man Who Was Disrespected And Threatened By A Nigerian Lady Aboard A London Train Has Been Identified

Keith Prince white man disrespected threatened Nigerian lady

A video of a woman who claims to be Nigerian, disrespecting a fellow passenger has since been making rounds on social media.

The video was captured on the phone of a fellow passenger and posted to the Dartford Rail Travellers Association Facebook page, the video shows the furious female commuter putting her feet on the male passenger’s seat.

It’s not clear what prompted the row in the first place, but boy, does that confrontation escalate.

In the video, she started encroaching on the white man’s space by putting her foot between his balls on the seat of a train in London.

The video starts when the ‘Nigerian’ woman with a slight British accent says:

‘You’re an idiot’
After calling him an ‘idiot’, the woman continues:

Touch me again and I’ll f***ing slap you. Stop touching me. That’s why you’re not married.
He replies by waving his wedding ring in her face, and says his wife is a ‘lovely Yoruba lady’.

To which the woman shoots back: 
Your wife is from where I’m from – you know we have the same accent. Trust me, she doesn’t love you, she is using your money, you idiot.
Touch me again and I will slap you, the same way your wife treats you at home. I’m literally grabbing you by your balls, do you understand this? You know you can’t do sh*t.
The man laughs and says:

You’re making yourself look like a complete fool. Just because you can’t respect other people’s property. Take your shoes off my seat.
She then calls him racist and and an idiot again, after the threatening outburst.

It is also unclear whether the pair previously knew each other, but with those comments they were just rivals at that moment.

The white man has since been identified, He was identified by MailOnline as a Tory Councillor responsible for the capital’s transport, Keith Prince.

Keith Prince
Keith Prince's wedding

Prince of the London Assembly, has apologised for the ‘petty’ argument he had with the disrespectful Nigerian lady.

Mr Prince, who is married to Nigerian Temitayo, apologised for disturbing his fellow passengers and added that by the end of the row he and the woman had resolved their differences.

‘I regret getting involved in such a petty dispute.’ he said. ‘This is one of those situations in which it is better to simply walk away.

‘By the end of the journey we were joking with each other and having a pleasant conversation. That said, I’d like to apologise to my fellow commuters for the disturbance our initial disagreement caused.’

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