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Thursday, 28 December 2017

#30billionconcert Nigerians Drag White Woman On Twitter For Not Knowing Wizkid and Davido

Ann, Davido and Wizkid
Ann, Davido and Wizkid

Twitter user, @SprayCanAnn whose location shows she is in the USA, says she stumbled on Davido's 30 billion concert hashtag on Twitter and though she has no idea what the tweets are about, it appears people are disappointed in the show ..She also said from the hashtag, she could deduce a person named Wizkid only lasts 60 seconds. Twitter trend SUCKS.

The tweet got over a thousand retweets and Nigerians flooded her mentions saying her tweet was disrespectful.
See below:

However she gave an impressive defense of her tweet ;
I saw it trending so I went over to see what it was about.
A lot of people seemed angry about the show, some were happy.
I didn't understand a lot of the tweets so I wasn't 100% sure what the consensus was so I tried to have fun w/ it.
It backfired but it too will pass
❤️ https://twitter.com/AceAkes/status/946237285414113280 

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