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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Nollywood Actress, Kate Henshaw And Uche Maduagwu Blasts Banky W For Exposing His Wife’s Butt

Banky W on his Snapchat and Instastory
Banky W on his Snapchat and Instastory

Banky W mistakenly shared Adesua’s bare butt in her g-string, while recording his SA Experience.

Now all social media users are reacting to it including Nigerian celebrities like Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw and the most popular upcoming actor in Nollywood, Uche Maduagwu.

Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw through her twitter handle reacted to the controversial video “mistakenly” posted online by Banky W on his Snapchat and Instastory.

Apparently, it seemed as if it was a mistake carried out by Banky W as it wasn’t intentional to put his wife’s nudes before the public. 

Watch the video below:

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Henshaw having seen this subtly reacted to the reports, and warned that some things should be kept private. 

She wrote:

“It’s easy to get sucked into the whole social media whirlpool. But some things should be kept private.”

Kate's Tweet
Kate's Tweet

Also the most popular upcoming actor in Nollywood, Uche Maduagwu while still being pissed off at the fact that Banky W and Adeusa decided to go for a flamboyant wedding took to his instagram page to lament also.

Previously he took to his Instagram to call out the couple for spending so much on a mere wedding.. He blasted the couple after the Lagos traditional wedding, wanting to know why a big wedding was needed for a good marriage. This had made people call him a hater especially since it was obvious no one invited him to the wedding.

Read what he wrote: 

“Is it too difficult for you to do a small wedding? @bankywellington Are you #wedding the whole of #Nigeria or just one #girl? Hmmm… My P.A just showed me an old #post of yours on #instagram where you said you would never do a #big wedding, and just yesterday, my Ex- #girlfriend also showed me a #video where @adesuaetomi said she would never do a big wedding too, so what really went wrong?

“Can’t you #guys emulate my best #friend @iambangalee when he had his wedding, am sure the whole #world did not hear about it, until after the whole ceremony, because he knows the #food you invite the entire village to come eat with you never last… listen, those people who are #dancing and praising you today, some of them are secretly waiting for your #marriage to break like the wall of Jericho so they can #laugh at you.
“I’m the biggest #actor in Nigeria, and am saying its not too late to taking your #relationship off social #media, a word is enough for the #wise. #repost #pic #bride #weddingday #blog #nollywood #share #beauty #lagos #smile #good,” Maduagwu wrote.
The white wedding which coincidentally had happened the same day with Oritsefemi’s wedding had not gone unnoticed for him and he was quick to applaud Oritsefemi while mocking Banky and his wife.

Now, following the mistake of Banky yesterday which exposed his wife’s naked butt to the world, the upcoming actor Uche had laughed the couple to scorn and also calling Adesua’s butt ‘Tiny’

'In his words, he asked if the groom was now happy after exposing his wife’s tiny butt to the world.'

Now that the #world has allegedly seen your wife's tiny naked butt for free on #social media, are you now happy?😛😀😄 When you tell them to keep their #marriage off social #media, they will not #listen, instead some people will say you are jealous, others would even insult your P.A for doing #her job by showing you stories on #instagram.📚🙈 OK, so now that almost every Nigerian #guy has allegedly seen your wife's naked butt on social media,😹🙉 will you now keep your private #life away from the #internet?📺 I know despite this ugly and shameful #act, 👎some people would still want to insult me, but before you do that, look deeply, and ask yourselves this very question, would you be #happy if you are a #girl and #pics of your naked butt is being seen by millions of #people?🌏🍎 #repost #pic #weddingday #groom #honeymoon #bride #smile #naija #actress #instapic #quote #model #cool #music #beauty
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