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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

American Artist Chris Brown And Cardi B React To The Slave Trade Going On In Libya

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

American singer, Chris Brown, reacted to the slave trade currently going on in Libya through his Instagram Page when he draws the attention of how the world through facebook reacted to the bomb blast in france, Manchester city and the Texas flood but kept mute over the barbaric slave trade going on, in Libya.

Read his post below:

Now this seems to have gotten to the other artist's consciences and Rapper Cardi B has come out to attack the United Nations over their silence in the face of the dehumanizing slave trade going on in Libya.

The rapper said the United Nations have refused to make the issue in Libya their priority because they are benefitting from it.

She also said the UN wants Libya's resources and as such, they are fine with the instability in Libya, because it benefits them. She went on to say that the UN never mind their business and are always up in other people's issues, but when it comes to the issues that really matter, they go silent.

Watch the video below:

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