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Thursday, 30 November 2017

One Year After Nigerian Lawyer Oche Adayagam Admits Disgracing His Friends And Family By Sleeping On National TV

Nigerian Lawyer Sleeping
Nigerian Lawyer Sleeping

This photo of a lawyer who was caught on National TV sleeping while they were being called to bar has since gone viral on social media.

Well, One year ago, the last set of Nigerian lawyers who passed Law School Exams were called to bar and it was memorable for all especially this lawyer.

The young Lawyer, Oche Adayagam who was caught on national TV dozing off during his Call to Bar ceremony last year, has now taken to Twitter to recall the memorable event by sharing the photo to mock himself.

He wrote:

“One year ago, I disgraced my friends and family on national tv.
I still bless God sha.”
Nigerian Lawyer Sleeping tweet

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