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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Why prostitution is increasing in Nigeria – Cleric Pastor Samuel Adegboye Reveals

prostitutes on the streets
prostitutes on the streets

A cleric, Pastor Samuel Adegboye, has condemned the rising rate of prostitution among girls in the country and called on the Federal Government to impose a total ban on “the dirty business”.

Adegboye, who is the General Overseer of Testimony Chapel, Ilorin, however, said the government should create job opportunities to dissuade those going into prostitution for a living.

The cleric on Thursday in Ilorin that those engaged in full-time prostitution were lazy and not ready to acquire education.

“Most young girls become lazy and not ready to further their studies since they have hope in operating as a social worker to survive.

“Imagine most hotels are being used to harbour commercial s*x workers where they have their own rooms to host their clients; at times, you will see them roaming the streets in search of clients without shame.

“Government must enact a law to ban such an evil business. It is becoming worse every day as some non-Nigerians will even come to practice such a dirty act in our dear country.

“Prostitution is responsible for increased rate of s*xual diseases in our society. When different people are allowed from neighbouring countries to come and live as commercial s*x workers in Nigeria without let or hindrance.

“Since the government has refused to intervene, Nigeria now become a home of commercial s*x workers. It is time to act fast and curb the evil practice.

“Government must use security agents to check every hotel and arrest any person suspected to be a commercial s*x worker,” he said.

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