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Friday, 20 October 2017

Man arrested for r*ping his only daughter for 3 years, after pastor’s cover up


Paul Akpederi, a 52-year-old Delta State indigene, who lives on Adegbite Street, Ori-Okuta, Ikorodu, Lagos State, has been arrested for allegedly raping his 15-year-old daughter, Rose, for over three years. 

According to Punchng, Paul started sexually abusing Rose when she was in JSS 3. When the secret got to the knowledge of a teacher, Paul allegedly changed her school. 

The suspect was said to have continued the abuse until she got to SS 2 in her new school. Rose’s former teacher was said to have run into her sometime in October 2017 and told a friend about Rose’s plight, who then alerted the Lagos State Office of the Public Defender through the agency’s social media platform. 

A social worker, who was part of the rescue, revealed that Paul started sleeping with his only daughter after separating from her mother. He said, “She told the teacher what she had been going through.

The teacher informed Rose’s pastor at a branch of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, who counselled her. Her father was invited and that was the end of the case. 

The man, who was desperate to cover up the crime, changed her school and she lost contact with the teacher. She said her father had been sleeping with her since she was in JSS 3 and he slept with her at least three times in a month. 

She said he slept with her in August and September 2017 as well. She explained that he always poured his semen into her private parts and he never used contraceptives. 

She said anytime he slept with her, he would tell her not to tell anybody. The girl said she could not tell people because she thought nobody would believe her.” 

It was gathered that she was placed on medication over complaints that she had yet to see her menstrual period, just as some growths were allegedly spotted in her private parts.

It was gathered that the result of the tests, which had been given to the police, showed that Rose’s hymen was broken and there was “continuous penetration” of her private parts.

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