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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

“Shame on you” – Video shows PSquare’s Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye almost faught at lawyer’s office


Last week Paul of Psquare took to his Instagram page to pour out his anger against his twin brother Peter's wife, swearing to show her that blood is thicker than water.

Screen shot
Screen Shot

Later a document was released where peter diassociate himself from the Psquare music company by writting to their lawyer.

Now a viral video has be released showing the duo almost faught and verbally assaulting each other at the Lawyer’s office. Just when it seems all is well between them brothers; Jude, Peter and Paul Okoye, following the shoutout they gave Jude, who welcomed a baby girl yesterday.

Here’s the video made available to LIB as the Lawyer tried settling the issue between the brothers.

Here is Peter's congratulatory message to Jude their elder brother who just welcomed a baby girl.

Now Paul has gone to his tweeter handle to react to the released viral video of him and their elder brother Jude wanting to beat his twin peter

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