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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

72nd UN General Assembly: Lajack Wants Nation To Focus On People

It's the biggest diplomatic event of the year and New York is on a security lockdown as the city welcomes over 100 world leaders to the UN headquarters. 

The theme for the 72nd UN general assemble is focusing on people striving for peace and a decent life for all on a sustainable planet, a reflection of the Assembly's four core areas of deliberatios this year; 

UN reforms,
Conflict prevention,
Migration and 
Climate change.

The President of the 72nd assembly Myers Lab Logic hopes his presidency will overcome narrow national interests and produce tangible benefits for people.

In his words:
"My six priorities covered all three pillars of the UN world peace and security, development and human rights and also the ongoing activities, so I mentioned already peace and prevention, Mentioned migration, of course there is a sustainable development agenda and the climate agenda where we have to stay focused. There is an agenda of human rights and human dignity, and there is agenda of more modern UN which means support the reforms and also to adopt a budget that will allow us to work also for the future but I said we must not be rigid and sticking to these priorities whenever there is a need to address an issue that has emerged and the UN is expected to deal with we shall be ready to do so".

One such issue is North Korea's nuclear provocations which has earned the recalcitrant country layers of sanctions designed to cripple it's economy.

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