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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Princess Diana: Paris remembers Britain royal, 20 years since August 31 1997

Diana's death anniversary
Loyal fan

Fresh tributes to Princess Diana are being laid outside Kensington Palace on the 20th anniversary of her death today ahead of a remembrance service.

Flowers are being left by members of the public paying their respects to the 'Princess of Hearts' who was just 36-years-old when she was killed in a car crash in Paris on August 31 1997.
Princess Diana home
Diana death anniversary

It echoes scenes witnessed in the days after her death - when thousands of floral tributes were placed outside Kensington Palace.

Two decades later, from 6am today, hundreds of people have come to pay their respects again.
A large floral display spelling out Diana's name is now the centrepiece of the hundreds of cards, flowers, pictures and candles.
Princess Diana
Flora tribute candle

Fans of Princess Diana gathered at dawn at the gates of Kensington Palace to celebrate the life of a woman who reshaped Britain and its royal family when she died 20 years ago.
Laying flickering candles in the dark, supporters met where tens of thousands had flocked in 1997 to mark the death of one of the most famous women in the world.

Diana will also be remembered in a service at east London's Mildmay Mission Aids hospital, which she visited regularly when it was a hospice caring for HIV patients.
The institution will hold a remembrance service this afternoon and past members of staff will share their memories of Diana as will the hospital's patron, actress Linda Robson, and dancer Wayne Sleep, who famously performed with the princess.

Diana's sons, however, are reflecting behind closed doors in Kensington Palace.
Despite the huge impact Diana made on the world, barely any commemorations are planned today.
The bells of Westminster Abbey will be silent and there will be no gun salutes to mark the occasion.
Princes William and Harry will be at Kensington Palace with Kate, children George and Charlotte and Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle.
Following their public appearance yesterday, viewing the flowers left at the gates of the palace and a garden in her memory, the brothers wanted to stay out of the limelight for the actual anniversary.
Other royals are doing the same, with Prince Charles and Camilla at Birkhall in Scotland and The Queen and Prince Philip staying at Balmoral Castle.
However crowds continue to gather outside the palace gates today as floral tributes pile up for the late princess.

Source: mirror.co.uk

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