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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

England women's football star accuses coach of racist jibe about ebola and her Nigerian family

England women's football star/coach

England women’s football star Eniola Aluko yesterday claimed she was subjected to a ‘racist’ jibe about the ebola virus from the head coach. The 30-year-old striker alleged she was ‘intimidated and shocked’ by the comments from Mark Sampson about her family in Nigeria contracting the killer disease. 

The shocking claim follows her allegations that she was bullied by Sampson and that he made a remark with ‘racial connotations’ to another mixed-race player. Mr Sampson and the Football Association have always vehemently denied Miss Aluko’s accusations. 

But questions arose last week about why she received an £80,000 settlement by the FA after making the claims. Yesterday, Miss Aluko further alleged she had been subjected to a ‘racist comment’ by the England coach before a match against Germany in 2014. 

‘I found myself next to Mark Sampson and he asked me which family members were coming,’ she told the BBC. ‘I said, “I’ve got family coming in from Nigeria.” And he said, “Make sure they don’t come over with ebola.” 

I laughed because I was in shock. I didn’t know what to say. ‘I’m used to industrial language, used to a bit of banter, a bit of a joke – but that was about my family. I believe it was said to me because I am of African descent and my family is coming over from Nigeria at the time.

"I believe it was an unfavourable comment made to me that made me feel completely shocked and intimidated that was said to me because I’m of African descent.’
Mr Sampson strongly denies saying this, the BBC reported. The England veteran said she has been ‘victimised’ for speaking out against discrimination.

She first made her bullying complaint in May 2016, but was dropped from the squad soon afterwards and was not part of the squad that reached the semi-finals of the European Championship this summer.

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