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Monday, 24 July 2017

Woman Exposes Her Boyfriend Of 2 Years Who Married Another Woman One Day After Spending Time With Her

According to this lady in the above picture his boyfriend of two years played her and got married to another woman whom he just met. 
The lady in question Aminah Dupree took to Facebook to post a photo of her 'man' on his wedding day with his new bride. She said she's known him for 17 years and they've been dating for two years. She said she was with him on Sunday and he showed no sign his heart was elsewhere, then on Monday, he was married to another woman.

The boyfriend and his wife he met in a day

Aminah decided she was done being the bigger person and went on Facebook to call him out. She also revealed she's informed the bride about it.
She wrote: “The guy I’ve been dating for the past 2 years (known for 17) and last seen him on sunday, (yes this sunday) doing what we do ya know spending the day together blah blah blah …got married on monday! (yes this monday) now I don’t normally do this BUT I’m so tired of being “the bigger person” the positive person the one people sleep on cause they think I’m nice …if you ask about me …im not that fucking nice …now everyone say congrats to the newlyweds for me please cuz for some reason I wasn’t invited”

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