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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

(Video) Flood washed away a 5-storey building in Tibet

Heavy rain in Tibet has eroded the foundations of a five-storey apartment block, causing it to topple into a surging river. And the moment was caught on camera.

Tibet's Changdu City has been hard hit, with the local Ziqu River eroding its banks and bursting out over surrounding terrain at the weekend.

The river, held back in part by a bridge, gradually ate away the soil away beneath the yellow waterfront structure. All occupants were evacuated long before the collapse, local media says.

A heavy red truck — also abandoned by its driver — also fell victim to the churning brown tide. China Central Television says the region’s heavy rains have washed away more than 57km of roads, damaged 24 bridges and cut power lines.

Watch the video here:

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