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Friday, 28 July 2017

Katy Perry to host 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

Singer, Katy Perry was unveiled by the organisers of the MTV Video Music Awards as the host for the 2017 Video Music Awards. 

Katy Perry to host 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

 She is the first performer announced for this year’s awards, and she's also one of the most-nominated artists with five nominations but it seems like fans aren't quite excited to see her host the event. E News! ran a twitter poll to ask if people are excited to see Katy Perry host the event and 66% voted NO.

See the tweet below:

Perry followed up the social media post with a few words in an official press release, revealing:

Katy Perry in a statement accepting to host the award said, 'I’ve been training with MTV in zero gravity, eating astronaut ice cream, and I’m on a group text with Buzz Aldrin and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Come August 27th, I’ll be ready to be your MOONWOMAN! Brace for impact, kids”. 

 As well as introducing the various acts and gracing us with her incomparable wit, Perry — who is apparently still recovering from the fact that her ex-boyfriend Orlando Bloom got his dong out in public once upon a time — is also up for five awards herself, including Best Pop, Best Direction, Best Visual Effects for "Chained to the Rhythm" and Best Art Direction for "Bon App├ętit." In addition, she's also been nominated for Best Collaboration for Calvin Harris' "Feels," a fact that I'm sure ol' T-Swift and her best mate Selena Gomez (who are also contenders) aren't too happy about.
Yet, ignoring the fact that Perry will have a number of frenemies in the audience on the big night, Bruce Gillmer — Head of Music and Music Talent at MTV — rained down his praises on Katy's involvement with the VMAs. He said:

"She is at the forefront of music culture and the perfect person to anchor this year’s show, which promises to be one of the most diverse and music-filled in VMA history."

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