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Monday, 26 June 2017


tarrragon plant

I love sharing informations on weight loss cos I do a research on this things and feel like giving it out for free to only my visitors as part of my way of appreciating your visit to my site. Now let talk on TARRAGON PLANT today. Do you know that plant? Yes it is common, but not in markets, only in farm lands, gardens, flower areas BUT I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT FOR SALE.

 Tarragon plant has digestive properties, remedy in case of poor digestion, sour stomach, bloating and hiccups, antiseptic etc This plant's digestive functions helps in weight loss because MOST WEIGHT GAIN ARE A RESULT OF POOR DIGESTION. POOR DIGESTION CAUSES FOOD TO BE CONVERTED INTO FATS AND STORED IN BODY TISSUES, Which is why IT IS ADVISABLE NOT TO EAT AND GO TO BED IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID POOR DIGESTION.

HOW IS TARRAGON PLANT USED? Before I talk about how it is used, I have to quickly mention that this plant has a strong aroma, its aroma are extracts for most perfumes.

To use it for weight loss: Boil water of 1 litre, take 3-4 spigs(leaves on 3-4sticks) and put inside the boiled water, leave it for about 10mins. Drink upto 3 cups after a meal, may be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Drinking upto 3 cups IS FAST ACTION OF USING TARRAGON PLANT FOR Weight loss if you are not too big you can drink just 1 cup or if you want a slow process you can drink just 1 cup

ANOTHER METHOD: Compression of tarragon plant you can get them from newly cleared farms that are just cleared for planting they grow on their own,I mean they are not cultivated/planted, THOUGH SOME PEOPLE THAT KNOW THE USEFULNESS OF IT usually uproot them from farms to plant in their homes like flowers because of the strong aroma it has If you find them, uproot them and plant using a cultivating bucket, as I show on the above pictures you can also crush the plants and extract the juice in it to add to your lipton tea or if one has hiccups, it can stop hiccups if chewed.

LET US GO TO ANOTHER ONE, Hopefully you will know this one:

 Sorrel plant
Sorrel plant use for weight loss: BOIL A HANDFUL of fresh leaves of sorrel plant, per litre of water for 10mins. Filter and drink ONLY 1 CUP PER DAY Even if you weigh 140kg Please DO NOT DRINK MORE THAN 1 CUP A DAY that is a power weight loss plant.

 DO WE KNOW ALOE VERA PLANT? Aloe vera has detoxifying properties that improve digestion and help burn fat quickly thereby resulting in huge weight loss. It is one of the most recommended plants for fast weight loss because it gives significant results in regards to weeks and it is a very economical alternative and easy to find.

In general, aloe vera crystal is consumed blended in a citrus juice sweetened with honey and taken as a juice/tea. When I say citrus juice, I MEAN JUICE FROM ORANGE, GRAPE OR ANY CITRUS FRUIT MORE INFO? Take 4-5 big oranges, squeeze out the juice, remove the seeds, DO NOT FILTER THE JUICE, get your aloe vera crystal, slice into tiny pieces, pour into a blender, pour in your citric juice and blend perfectly pour into a cup and add 1 tb spoon of honey and drink My dear this one is not going to be as bitter as you think BECAUSE YOU WILL BE USING CITRIC JUICE PLUS A TABLE SPOON OF HONEY. Citric juice and honey will reduce the bitterness try it and you will see the taste different.

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