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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

How Osinbajo can kill struggle for Igbo nation – Islamic cleric, Dahiru Bauchi

How Osinbajo can kill struggle for Igbo nation – Islamic cleric, Dahiru Bauchi

An Islamic cleric, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi has advised the Federal Government against allowing people of the South East to actualise Biafra Republic.

Speaking in Kano on Tuesday, the cleric said rather than give Igbos Biafra, the federal government should sit down with leaders of the South East and other ethnic nationalities to chart ways of getting Nigeria out of its economic challenges.

Bauchi also warned that those agitating for Biafra should desist because no one can tell what will be the gain if another civil war breaks out in a nation with over a 150 million people.

According to the cleric, Nigeria’s prosperity will be possible when both parties sit on the same table of nation building with each party doing what suits his culture, tradition and religion.

He said, “Let’s avoid the situation where people of different religion and cultural belief system eats from the same pot, as it will discriminate against another considering that each came from entirely different background and choices, saying such a practice was the bane of all the agitations.

The cleric, who also called on Northern youths to withdraw their ultimatum to the Igbos counseled that, “let’s not resort to similar protest to that of the biafra agitators of hatred, inciting, humiliating and unguarded utterances.

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