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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Di Maria sentence to one year imprisonment over tax fraud

Di Maria sentence to one year imprisonment for tax fraud

Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Angel Di Maria has been handed a one-year suspended prison sentence after admitting to two counts of tax fraud during his time with Real Madrid.

The Argentina international spent four years at the Bernabeu and has reportedly been found to have defrauded the Spanish government of £1.14million.
While Di Maria has avoided facing a trial and is unlikely to spend any time in prison due to having no prior criminal record, he will have to pay a fine of £1.76m.
This news follows other recent high-profile cases in Spain, with Cristiano Ronaldo also having accusations of tax fraud filed against him.
Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is also being caught up in an alleged tax fraud case dating back to his time in Madrid, while Barcelona forward Lionel Messi also had a trial on the matter last year.

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