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Monday, 12 June 2017

Anti-corruption War: Femi Falana recommends transfer of Sambo Dasuki’s case to military court

Femi Falana

Lagos lawyer and senior advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana is advocating trial of military personnel by a court marshal. 
Falana says he is in total disagreement with the federal government on the trial of retired colonel,  Sambo Dasuki in regular court for alleged corruption. 

Mr Falana told Channels TV’s judiciary correspondent that the case of Retired Col. Sambo Dasuki ought not to have been arraigned in a regular court but a military court martial, especially because the case itself has to do with procurement of arms to fight terrorist.
According to him, “Any legal basis in taking a serving and Retired Military Officer to a regular court, if I have my way they will arraign them before a court martial, a special court martial because the allegations relate to a counter-insurgency operation in the northeast region.

“Secondly, the government should have taken the advantage of the harmonisation of criminal justice act to ensure that corruption cases are conducted almost day by day and to do that you have to appoint more judges, you have to equip those courts and make the conditions of the judges favourable.” (Channels TV)

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