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Monday, 22 May 2017

Nigerian Love Doctor Joro Olumofin shares the dairy of a Nigerian wife

The Diary & Struggles of a Nigerian wife. By @joroolumofin (Juxtaposition of Cognition) I.e I put myself in the shoes of a Nigerian Wife;  based on mails i receive from clients & direct observation) .

Hi, my name is Mrs X,  i have been married to my husband for 9 years. I smile and glow in public but the emotional and mental baggages I carry weigh me down. I am expected by society to be perfect to my husband despite the fact that he throws negativity at me very often. I am a Warrior who is not appreciated by her Kinsmen. .

This is my Diary. Read carefully: .

1) After my 2nd child my husband complained that my vagina is not the same to him anymore. Is it a sin to have children?

2) My husband now treats sex like a chore, no more efforts just BANG, BANG and he's DONE, there's no more foreplay. He treats Sex like something to tick off a calendar list. .

3) My husband recently started demanding somethings I'm not okay with, such as ( anal, masochism, threesomes, recorded sex seasons. I know he is being influenced by his friends or his Sidechicks or maybe mid-life crisis. Do I give in? or let him get it outside ? I really want to make him happy. I want to keep my home, do I throw away My values to make him happy? .

2⃣ I HAVE TO DEAL WITH SIDECHICKS (Do I ignore? , attack my husband for his actions or find a sugar boy of my own? )
Of recent I have noticed some changes in my him .

1) I discovered a new phone he has and I didn't know about
2) I once found a used condom in the car .

3) My little cousins in Unilag & Babcock University keep asking if my husband is now running a Masters program because they see him so much on their campus.

4) My husband is a prowler on social media he is always sliding into DM and comments on so many ladies pictures. He is following 3000 girls .

5)I finally got wind of his Sidechicks identity, she is my exact opposite ( Bleached skin, long Brazilian hair, so many tattoos, her grammar is very poor from her captions on social media, I saw a couple of shoes and clothes my husband bought me on his last trip on her page.)

Read Part 2&3 on @joroolumofin

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