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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Yvonne Jegede-“My brain is my selling point, not my boobs”

Yvonne Jegede

Talented actress, Yvonne Jegede Fawole has stated that boobs are not are selling point contrary to what people believe. She made this known in an interview with Punch.

According to her:” Many people feel my big boobs are my selling point, but it is my brain.As for the people insinuating that I did surgery to enlarge my boobs, I have always been this way.People who know me from way back will confirm that I’m naturally endowed.” When asked If being married will affect her career, the busty actress said it will not, because her husband is also an actor.

Hear her: “I can be very daring on set and go to any length to interpret my character but I can never act nude. Being married will not affect my career. Meanwhile, my husband is also an actor so he knows the terrain.”

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