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Friday, 7 April 2017

Truck in Sweden plows into a pedestrians at a local department store killing 3 and many injured

truck into pedestrians at a local department store killing 3

A man in the city of Stockholm rammed a hijacked truck into pedestrians at a local department store killing three people and injuring many others in the process.
Following the attack, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven says his country is under attack even as the Stockholm Subway and Parliament have both been closed.

Police say the attack which saw the man erratically driving the truck at full speed into the street filled with pedestrians is being treated as a terror attack.
Reports say shots were heard being fired and the driver, who was wearing a balaclava, is said to have escaped, according to witnesses.
There were also reports of shots at a second incident.
A Swedish radio reporter said she had seen at least five dead bodies, Aftonbladet reported.
The truck is understood to have been stolen or hijacked from a Spendrups brewery.

About two weeks ago, a knife-wielding man was shot dead by cops outside the UK Parliament after he stabbed a police officer in a terror attack.
Five people, including the attacker, were killed after the assailant ploughed a car into pedestrians and went on a stabbing spree before being shot dead just metres away from the British Parliament.
London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Mark Rowley said investigators suspect the attacker had been “inspired by international terrorism”.

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