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Saturday, 8 April 2017

OAP dadyfreeze react to the viral video of people praying for the BBNaija housemate Efe.

Read word he wrote and shared on his Instagram Page;

For a brainless secular show, where married men are sleeping with other women and denying their wives existence?

Held in a country where your brothers are being slaughtered merciless and you call upon JESUS? To answer #BBNaija
The God of Nigerian Christians must be really bored to have time to attend to this ridiculousness!
🙄it's what to expect of a hungry third world nation where joblessness has taken over their lives!🙄
In a country with this many issues this is what you choose to pray for?🙄 ~FRZ -
RepostBy @urbanyooba: "😂😂😩 Ontop #BBNaija This better be a joke!
Full video on Snapchat: urbanyooba" (via #Quick reposter @AppsKottage)

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