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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tonto Dikeh Husband's Alleged Mistress Confesses!


Rosaline Meurer, the alleged mistress of Tonto Dikeh’s husband, Oladunni Churchill, has finally come out to clear the air about the rumoured tryst she has with the billionaire husband of top Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh-Churchill.

Rosaline, who has been silent about the cheating brouhaha, has openly declared her innocence on the spurious rumour which has gone viral on the all media platforms. According to Rosaline, the cheating rumours are false and unfounded because she has no reason to sleep with someone she sees as a brother.

“It is irritating to the ears, it’s just like saying are you sleeping with your brother. This is someone who is a mentor to me, this is  someone I look up to. He has a good heart, there is no one that would not want to be identified with someone that has a good heart, someone that gives a helping hand. I’m very sure that being managed by Big Church Foundation I’m very sure I have a very bright future.

I really have nothing much to say about this because it’s really  irrelevant to me. They are in peace, they are happy, I don’t know about what you people are saying but you guys should get your facts straight before you bring such things out, it’s really not relevant to me.

“I’m not going to say much about it. I remain to be under Big Church Foundation and he is family to me, his wife is family to me, we’ve hung out together before and I don’t see a big deal there; people should stop saying what they don’t know”, she corrected.

She stressed that Tonto’s hubby, Churchill, is a nice and generous person who is like family to her, therefore, she has no reason to go romantic with him. She went further to falsify the rumour flying around town that Tonto’s marriage has hit the rocks.

“They are all false, I don’t see why they aren’t false. Does anybody have proof of anything that their marriage is not right or what? There’s no proof of any of that, none of them is complaining, they are living their lives in their home. I don’t know why people will just bring up stories, it doesn’t make sense, I don’t know why people won’t mind their business and leave a happy family to be happy, just mind your business”, she said.

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