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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Syria Conflict: Aleppo evacuation to resume in new deal


Trapped civilians and rebels are waiting to leave east Aleppo in Syria after a new deal was reportedly reached for evacuations to resume.
Government and rebel sources say the agreement will allow people to leave several besieged enclaves in Syria.
But hours after the announcement, aid agencies were still waiting for the operation to start.
At least 6,000 people left east Aleppo under a fragile truce on Thursday, but evacuations stopped a day later.

The area has seen rapid government advances in recent weeks.
As well as east Aleppo, the deal is also said to include the evacuation of two other rebel-held towns and two towns loyal to the government.
Confusion reigned on Friday morning when the evacuation, which was taking place along corridors out of Aleppo towards rebel-held areas (Khan al-Asal and Khan Touman), was stopped.
The government said rebel fighters had fired on the convoys at a checkpoint at Ramousseh. Rebels said pro-government forces opened fire.

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