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Monday, 5 December 2016

Apostle Johnson Suleiman says MMM Is Satanic, and Participants are Demonic, Freeze Supports

Apostle Johnson Suleiman says MMM Is Satanic, and participants are demonic, Freeze supports

Apostle Johnson Suleiman while preaching said MMM is satanic and participants are demonic.

Freeze also supported the statement as he also posted the video on his Instagram and said;
“I’m with him on this one, can’t believe redeemed endorsed MMM, this recession is meant to make us look in ward and come out stronger like China did but you can’t take a get rich quick scam from a Nigerian no matter how hard you try!
The economies of China, Dubai, America and Europe were not built on MMM, get up lazy Nigerians, Dubai in 1999 was a desert, if a super nation can emerge in less than 15 years our time is now! 15 years from now, we would regret we were playing around with MMM when our mates were building their countries. ~FRZ”

watch the video below:

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