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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Foster parents 'ditched children' after 'using them to win' eight-bedroom mansion on charity TV show

A couple have been accused of ditching five of their adopted kids after bagging a huge eight-bed mansion through a TV makeover show.
Five years ago,Devonda and James Friday from Charlotte, North Carolina, were given the huge property and thousands of dollars worth of donations for their business through Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.But now two of their adopted children Kamaya and Chris claim that soon after filming ended they were kicked out the family home – and they believe they were used just to get on the show.

The couple from Lincolnton, had seven children – five of which had just been adopted – when they appeared on the popular reality TV show in 2011.

In tearful messages the couple pleaded for the show’s help, as Devonda told camera: “We desperately need you to come and help us.”

But Kamaya, who was 14 years old during filming, and Chris have said they the whole thing was for money.Chris told Channel 9’s Paul Boyd, everything changed after the TV cameras left town.
“I felt like they were my mom and dad. I loved them like they were my real parents. I did,”What they did to us was just wrong. (They) threw us all out,” Chris said.

Chris said he was sent to a group home because of a bad attitude a few months after recording the show but said he was told it was only temporary.

“Why did I have to leave? I just didn’t understand it. And it made me feel not wanted, you know?” Chris said.

Kamaya said she was sent to a different group home a few months later and was told the same thing.

“You gave me away. Parents don’t do that. No,” Kamaya said

Within a year, they said all five adopted children were gone from the house.
“My brother and sisters were 5 years old. How can they get that much trouble where they have to kick them out?” Chris said.

Looking back, they believe their adoptive parents were motivated by just one thing.
“I know it was all about the money. From the first day, it was all about the money,” Chris said.”That’s all she’s about, money. It’s money with her,” Kamaya said.

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