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Friday, 12 August 2016

Anti-Terror Raid: Canadian Police ‘Kill Suspect In Anti-Terror Operation

Reports say the police have shot dead a suspect in an anti-terror operation in the Canadian province of Ontario.
The royal Canadian mounted police says that "action has been taken" against a lone suspect.

The Canadian media says police had raided a property in Strathroy, about 225 kilometre south-west of Toronto.

They named the suspect as 24-year-old Aaron Driver, who was arrested last year for openly supporting the Islamic State on social media.

Irene Lee, whose parents own a convenience store near Driver’s home, said police arrived on the quiet residential street shortly after 4:00pm local time and quickly surrounded the house.

“I hear a bomb sound, like a ‘bang’ – I was freaking out because this is a small and quiet town,” she told Reuters.

“All of a sudden the policemen were yelling, ‘everyone get into your houses’.”

In a statement, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said that “action has been taken” against a lone suspect after it received “credible information of a potential terrorist threat”.

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