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Saturday, 30 July 2016

UK-Nigeria Relations: UK pledge to boost trade and investment ties with Nigeria

Britain to strengthen it's relationship with Nigeria in the area of trade and investment.
UK prime minister's trade envoy to Nigeria John Howel was at the Nigerian stock exchange and sounded the closing gong.
He discribed the trade opportunities and energy between both countries as phenomenal, saying his appointment and presence at the NSE illustrated the UKTI's commitment towards broad expectations of doing business in Nigeria, despite the challenges the African economy is facing.

He noted that there are big opportunities in the logistics as well and I think that will be of great interest to many British companies and that with the nation’s capital market vibrant, the United Kingdom was keen at doing business with companies listed on The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), a key factor to aid business relationship between Africa and UK.

In a chat with journalists during the Closing Gong Ceremony, Howell noted that NSE is important to the development of Africa's economy and UK government is interested in Nigeria's capital market because of its importance to Africa.

"The Nigerian Stock Exchange is a great stock exchange, it does fantastic trading and it has the highest approach to regulation. It was a great pleasure to be here to ring the closing gong," he said

Doyen of the Exchange, Mr. Sam Ndata, urged the UK envoy to collaborate with Nigeria in business expansion and ensuring companies in the UK are listed on the Exchange.

Photo credit:NSE

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