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Monday, 11 July 2016

Portugal Won The Euro 2016

Portugal has won the Euro 2016 cup after beating host country , France by 1-0. A late goal by Eder sealed their fate as European champions for the first time in their history.

Cristiano Ronaldo who was forced off the pitch with a knee injury in the first half, broke into tears following the lone goal by Eder.

As regulation time ended, with France continuing to attack relentlessly, France's best chance came and went, with Andre-Pierre Gignac breaking past Portuguese defender Pepe before having his shot deflected by the post.

Luck was on Portugal's side, and Eder was able to strike the decisive blow. Payet's right knee bumped hard into Ronaldo's left knee, and the pain was immediately obvious.

Looking tense and emotional, Ronaldo went between players with hugs and words of encouragement before taking a seat in the dugout to watch the rest of the final.

Ronaldo tried to run off the injury, but repeatedly reached down with his right and left hands to gently press his knee.

Ronaldo fell to the turf again in the 17th.

In the 4th minute, striker Nani was served with a well-timed loopy ball but the former Manchester United misfired his shot as the ball flew over the French crossbar in the 4th minute.

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