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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Delay In The Anti-corruption Fight: Buhari Expressed Worry

The president has expressed worry over the delay of corruption cases currently before various courts across the country.
President Muhammadu Buhari, who was speaking in Abuja on the role of Judges in the fight against corruption, said this trend is sending a negative message to Nigerians.

Quoting him:
 “In justice, integrity is a necessity. Hence, Judicial Officers and all other members of this sector must always demonstrate manifest integrity,” he said.
“Critically important also, is the sacred duty of the judiciary to ensure that criminal justice administration is not delayed,” Mr. Buhari said.
“I am worried that the expectation of the public is yet to be met by the judiciary with regard to the removal of delay and the toleration of delay tactics by lawyers.
“When cases are not concluded the negative impression is given that crime pays. So far, the corruption cases filed by government are not progressing as speedily as they should in spite of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act of 2015 essentially because the courts allow some lawyers to frustrate the reforms introduced by law". 
“The challenge is to come up with an integrated approach that balances process and substance, promote clarity to ensure a coherent and realistic formulation of objectives.
“To this end, the Judiciary is under a duty to keep its house in order and to ensure that the public, which it serves, sees this.
“Thus, we cannot expect to make any gains in the war against corruption in our society when the judiciary is seen as being distant from the crusade.
“This will not augur well and its negative effect will impact all sectors of society,” he said.
He advised the judiciary to always fight delay of cases in court and to also fight corruption ‘in its own ranks, perceived or otherwise.’
“We expect to see less tolerance to delay tactics used by defence lawyers or even the prosecution in taking cases to conclusion”.

Mr. Vertes, who spoke on the theme “Corruption and Development: What the Courts Can Do and Have Done” argued that the cancer of corruption has made economic development in Nigeria to be static.
“Investors are discouraged due to high rate of corruption".

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