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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Elders in Niger Delta has asked the new militant to drop their weapons

Group of elders in the Niger Delta region under the auspices of the Concerned Niger Delta Leaders are appealing to the Niger Delta Avengers, to keep away their arms. The group asked the millitant known as the Niger Delta Avengers to come and embrace peace.

National Coordinator of the Group, Mr Mike Loyibo at the press conference, said the agenda of the militant group is still unclear, maintaining that their “current actions are clear sabotage and criminality against the state and humanity”.


  1. is there still peace in nigeria

  2. same elders that keep them in dark after settling with govt

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  4. What an elderly man sits down to see even if the young climbs an iroko tree he will not see it... they should take it easy

  5. There is God ooo